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Over 48 years Australia has trusted HCA to provide it with world class health, care and wellbeing solutions to some of the most challenging issues in the care of people.

Drawing upon HCA’s extensive recent experience as a rapid responder for COVID Outbreaks, HCA is perfectly positioned to mitigate your COVID risk with the capability to draw upon our On-Demand Workforce with 16 offices around the country and a robust rural and remote team.

HCA has current experience in providing Doctors, Nurses, Infection Control Specialists and Allied Staff to Baptist Care, NSW/WA Health, ABF Police Quarantine Hotels, assisting with checks in Banks, Pre-Flight checks for Mining & providing phlebotomy testing to retrieve crew whilst on board the Ruby Princess.

Healthcare Australia (HCA) has the ability to deliver a clinically trained rapid response workforce and can make available our current Nursing resources, other Health professions and administrative and management support functions to assist with the service delivery across the health spectrum, especially in the COVID-19 environment.

HCA can offer Clinical and Managerial support, assisting with operations, stake holder engagement and ensuring clinical best practice compliance on site.

Why use HCA to manage your outbreak?

With recent experience as a rapid responder for COVID outbreaks, HCA are perfectly positioned to mitigate your COVID risk

For confirmed cases of Covid-19 or if you are in lockdown please call
1300 749 333 immediately